Bangalore Weekend Getaways

A standout amongst the most Hi-Tech urban areas, Bangalore is the Silicon Valley and the focal point of IT industry. All these soubriquetr befit to the town of Bangalore properly. A Bangalore Weekend Getaway bundle make you go everywhere throughout the staggering soul blending slope station of Gokarna, Hassan, Kabini, Hampi and Mangalore. The excursion covers the head touring attractions like ravishing beaches in Gokarna, sanctuaries showing Hoysala Architecture in Hassan, amazing espresso ranches and engaging and energizing natural life in Kabini, stays of Virupaksha Temple and Lotus Mahal in Hampi and a few sanctuaries in Mangalore. To pick upon a Bangalore weekend Getaway bundle can end up being a savvy and sensible choice for the individuals who pine to invest some quality energy with their dear ones far from the disarray and perplexity of the city life.

Bangalore Weekend Getaways at Om Beach Resort, Gokarna

Situated at Gokarna on the Northern Coast of Karnataka Om Beach Resort is a staggering goal and the beautiful magnificence it displays is past creative ability. The Resort has 12 palatial excellent English sort Suite rooms and the solace and extravagance of the missions is given first inclination. The rooms are furnished with all the contemporary conveniences and the rooms are well done up.

Bangalore Weekend Getaways at Orange County, Kabini

The charming universe of Orange County Resorts welcomes you with a universe of extravagance and some great occasion encounters, so get included and fascinated in this intelligence and custom of the land, in the way of life and experience some delightful snapshots of your life.

Bangalore Weekend Getaways at Swaswara Resort, Gokarna

To be found close Gokarna Karnataka, India on the Coastal Karnataka belt Swaswara is known for its quiet and tranquil Beaches. Enjoying the rising and setting of the Sun offers you a joyful affair which leaves recollections for a lifetime.

Bangalore Getaways at Hoysala Village Resort, Hassan

Hoysala Village Resort at Hassan, a most critical wander of Nirvana Group of hotels.It delineates the Hoysala Architecture and culture and the warmed stretched out by the staff of this specific is simply past creative ability.

Bangalore Getaways at Cicada Resort, Kabini

Cicada-Kabini is put in a town called Karapura which is around 220 kms far from Bangalore. On account of some superb streets it just takes almost three hours from Bangalore to achieve this resort. It is an excellent hillstation and the perspectives offered by this place are amazing to the point that it gives some sort of peace and comfort to your complete self.