Ballantyne, North Carolina

Ballantyne is a rural area situated in the south part of Charlotte, in Mecklenburg County. It has turned into the biggest improvement of its kind ever. Despite the fact that it is a genuinely new group, it has as of now wind up noticeably known as an exceptionally tip top zone. The homes available to be purchased and corporate properties that are accessible have turned into the most looked for after in the Charlotte territory.

The Ballantyne Village offers all that you could need in a flawlessly finished 2000-section of land room group. Not exclusively is it a perfect area for anybody scanning for a prominent zone to begin another business, additionally an extraordinary place to raise a family. What’s more, it is found just 14 miles from Charlotte’s downtown area.

Inside Ballantyne, you will approach, golf resorts, theaters, a few strip malls, four star eateries, predominant schools, easygoing eating eateries, event congregations, water parks, golf schools, and inside putting greens. The town not just offers something for everybody, to the extent business and corporate progression are concerned, additionally this extravagant up scale zone meets all your recreational needs also.

As an inhabitant of Ballantyne, you will likewise approach the delightful Ballantyne Country Club and Resort. The resort is just about a residential area all its own. They offer offices for gatherings and exceptional occasions, a spa, eating, shopping, tennis courts, green, and the Dana Rader’s Golf School, which has been positioned in the top 25 golf schools in the state.

The corporate stop zone has been composed in such a way, that the individuals who work there, as well as everybody is welcome to enjoy the lovely finishing, and one of a kind engineering of the territory. Blended in with the 2 million square feet of office space, and four hotels, you will have the capacity to unwind and tune in to the tranquil hints of the waterfall in Cullman Park. A few of the parks situated on the corporate site incorporate open air flame broils and yard seating. Strolling trails have been actually set all through the region, to be utilized for exercise, or only an unwinding walk around your meal break. Likewise there is a recreation center that has been intended for kids which incorporates a lake for angling.

There are four landmarks, 30 feet tall, that are recorded with words that characterize the present and future trusts and goals of and in Ballantyne: Finance, Human Spirit, Transportation and Technology. Inside its short history, this more up to date group has as of now accomplished these expectations and fancies and can just enhance the flawlessness it has officially achieved.

Ballantyne is thought to be an inviting city manufactured and composed considering family and business, by giving the blending of the two in such a design, to the point that work environment meets home and tight clamp versa. The engraving on the plaque close to the Ballantyne Bulls, simply off the corporate stop zone, totals up the sentiments of the inhabitants: Bullish on our families. Bullish on our work. Bullish on our nation. What’s more, the most essential engraving: Add an incentive in everything you do.