A Budget-Friendly Travel Guide to Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Honda Bay is a little group in the western side of Palawan Island. Making a trip to Honda Bay from Puerto Princesa city appropriate will take around 30 minutes. The people group has turned into a traveler problem area in light of the impeccable bunch of islands around the sound. The most famous among these is Dos Palmas Island, a private island with top of the line resort offices overseen by the Arreceffi Island Resort Inc.

The other prominent islands are Pandan and Snake Island. Exercises for sightseers incorporate snorkeling, kayaking, island bouncing and jumping. Except for Dos Palmas, alternate islands don’t have built up hotels or motels. In this manner, a one day island-bouncing visit is to approach to go for generally guests.


Among the nearby conveys that administration the Manila-Puerto Princesa course are, PAL Express (once in the past Air Philippines), Zest Air and Cebu Pacific Air. Some of these bearers additionally travel to Puerto Princes from commonplace airplane terminals. These minimal effort transporters as often as possible offer reduced passages. It is prudent to book flights ahead of time, no less than 6 months to 1 year preceding the travel dates.

From Puerto Princesa Airport take a tricycle to your hotel. There are standard passages starting with one point in the city then onto the next. Guests can ask at the air terminal work area to abstain from paying overrated tricycle admissions.

Another alternative is to go by watercraft. One of the delivery organizations that administration the Manila-Puerto Princesa course is 2GO travel. It’s a long 30 hour trip yet a cheaper contrasting option to air travel.

From the hotel, voyagers can procure a tricycle to the Honda Bay wharf. It takes around 30 minutes. After touching base at the wharf continue to the booth. Guests will be charged obligatory port expenses, watercraft rental and after that will be alloted to the following vessel man on line.

Tricycle Fares – 15 PHP around the city

Pontoon Fare at Honda Bay – 1,000 PHP to 1,500 PHP (contingent upon what number islands will be secured).


Begin Early – Leaving the city and beginning at a young hour in the morning will give guests more opportunity to investigate the greatest number of islands as they could.

Snorkel at Pandan Island – Pandan Island has an immense and lovely coral reef not a long way from the shore. There are beach cabins for lease at 500 PHP. This island is profoundly prescribed for snorkeling.

Affirmation and Cottage Fees – Most islands are exclusive and overseen by luxury hotels in the city. Non-hotel visitors are welcome to visit these islands for an affirmation charge extending from 100 PHP to 150 PHP.

Starting at 2013, Snake Island, was the main huge island open to people in general. However, late reports from Honda Bay local people recommend that the island has as of late been obtained by another luxury hotel. Along these lines, an affirmation charge can soon be normal by future guests. The utilization and rental of beach cabins on private islands run from 400 PHP to 500 PHP.

Dos Palmas Day Trip – Dos Palmas is a private island overseen by the Arreceffi Island Resort. Its white-sand beach draws in many guests lasting through the year. The rates every night at these resort begins at 5,000 PHP. However, budget explorers can settle on a day visit which costs around 1,600 PHP 1,700 PHP. The visit incorporates arrive exchanges to and from the wharf, watercraft exchanges to and from the island, a smorgasbord lunch and use of recreational hardware and offices. Exercises at Dos Palmas incorporate; kayaking at the mangroves around the island, snorkeling, island-jumping and plunging.

To book for a Dos Palmas Day Tour, search for the Areceffi Island Resort’s office next to the NCCC Mall at Puerto Princesa City. Voyagers need to book their excursion no less than 1 day ahead. The flight time from the shopping center to the wharf is around 8:00 am and takeoff time from Dos Palmas Island back to the city is around 3:00 pm.

The Islands of Honda Bay include:

Pandan Island – Managed by the Legend Hotel in Puerto Princesa City. The island is perfect for snorkeling with its energetic coral reef discovered only a couple meters close to the island’s shore. It is a decent site for a beach cookout with its built up beach cottages and slows down around the island.

Wind Island – The island is not swarmed with snakes but rather was named Snake Island as a result of its shape. From an aeronautical view the island looks like a snake. It’s another perfect area for a beach outing with beach cabins along its shoreline.

Luli Island – This is a small island with excellent sand bars. The name of the island was gotten from the Philippine words, “lulubog and lilitaw.” During high tide the island is mostly submerged “lulubog,” which means it sinks. While amid low tide it rises “lilitaw,” which means it returns or reemerges.

Starfish and Cowrie Island – These are two little islands known to have a vast group of starfishes and bats.

Dos Palmas Island – A wonderful and disengaged island, albeit very expensive for the budget traveler.The most modest choice for visiting the island is the Day Tour with lunch smorgasbord and exchanges.