When we say “Bangkok” what’s the primary thing that rings a bell? I wager it isn’t seafood!

You aren’t the only one. Relatively few individuals think about the astounding seafood scene in Bangkok – so continue perusing and take in more about these super restaurants with supersized seafood.

Perhaps Bangkok ought to be renamed the city of Angelfish!

1. We need all the extra garnishes here! – Pae Radna

Pae Randa means ‘extra garnishes’ and it’s the best place to discover seafood fixings.

Dishes at Pae Radna run from only a couple of dollars for a liberal plate of seafood, straight up to the humongous $350 platter, a devour fit for a King and his whole armed force.

The highlight of this eatery is the awesome proprietor and gourmet specialist ,who endeavors to visit with every one of his clients – and is obviously energetic about his seafood!

In the event that you inspire opportunity to visit, you ought to attempt the honor winning lobster – it’s so succulent and great! What’s more, in the event that you adore shellfish then you will likewise be in paradise at Pae Radna. This is the place you’ll get the chance to appreciate plates of goliath clams with some really remarkable sauces.

Pae Radna concentrates on extraordinary seafood and an unwinding evening. The eatery has essential stylistic layout, yet the tremendous menu and appealling staff make it an affair to recall.

2. You can discover tremendous lobsters and monstrous crabs in Siam Paragon – Crab and Claw

The lobsters and crabs are for the most part imported from the US, so for the most part, costs are not that low. A crab of this size would likely cost around 1,800-2,000 Baht.

In the event that you are shopping in Siam Paragon, why not drop by for supper?

3. Goliath shrimps as large as your arm! – Siam 77 Vintage Home and Restaurant

Taking a gander at Siam 77 you may think you have ventured back in time, as this old changed over house may feel like you’re venturing into your parent’s home.

Try not to be tricked however, there are some genuine seafood creatures inside. Have you at any point seen a shrimp as large as your arm? All things considered, you will at Siam 77.

Offering an enormous scope of seafood dishes, Siam 77 is well known for its monster shrimps which are sold by weight.

Expect real zesty Thai dishes and the guarantee that all seafood is new and never solidified.

The seafood is far superior when you sit outside alongside the stream and appreciate a reviving coconut drink as well!

4. Seared crab brains for you? (It’s truly insane here!) – Crazy Crab Thong Lor 13

Insane Crab is an upmarket, super classy third floor eatery where America meets Thailand in the most ideal way that could be available!

A huge swath of seafood even incorporates imported treats, their mark lobster, and an International determination of Crab.

You won’t discover some of these dishes anyplace else – browned crab brains anybody?

On the off chance that seafood isn’t your top pick, then Crazy Crab likewise makes them stun Australian steaks.

Attempt the different seafood, it arrives in a sack and you are given an overskirt and gloves since things are going to get muddled!

Finish off an extraordinary night with the Crazy mark, a wonderful lemongrass and lime Bah Noom mixed drink.

Insane Crab is still genuinely new however we anticipate it will be super famous so arrive before the mystery gets out!

5. The highlight of seafood road sustenance – Somsak Pu Ob

At 4pm each night in Thanon Charoen, a delicate buzz begins to grow… a road sustenance seller sets up his slow down, and a line starts to shape…

Presenting Somsak Pu Ob, a seafood slow down with a distinction that offers one of a kind Thai/Chinese combination dishes. The crab and prawn vermicelli is essentially out of this world. The parts may be on the littler side, so in the event that you are ravenous then request two.

Attempt to touch base before 5.30pm, if not be set up to line (put stock in us, it’s absolutely worth lining for however!).

Somsak Pu Ob has stayed consistent with its unassuming beginnings and the culinary expert just ever cooks 4 dishes at an opportunity to guarantee each dinner is great.

The best news? Somsak Pu Ob is opening a moment branch! This implies the same exceptional nourishment yet less lines – splendid!

Somsak Pu Ob truly is road sustenance at its finest!

6. Ever attempted Thai claypot porridge? – Joke Perd Moh Paradise

Claypot porridge is the most up to date and coolest dish on the menus in Bangkok, and no place shows improvement over Joke Perd Moh Paradise.

The eatery just opened in January 2016 and it’s overwhelming Bangkok. Consolidating delightful rich porridge stock with crisp seafood – it’s a victor.

You have three bases to pick from, the tom yam porridge, the super chicken porridge and the first pork porridge. Next, pick what you need to include from the colossal menu of extra fixings.

The Claypot River Prawn Tom Yam porridge is astounding, with quite recently the perfect measure of flavor and harshness with piles of prawns… yum!e

The eatery is hot, occupied and has an astounding environment (gracious and the possess an aroma similar to cooking nourishment is mind boggling).

Things being what they are, would you say you are enticed to attempt porridge in Thailand yet?

7. This Tom Yam will shake your reality – P’Aor

All you have to know is that P’Aor serves the best seafood Tom Yam Goong noodles on the planet!

Envision a bowl of velvety, marginally zesty noodle-filled juices heaped high with prawns, fish and shellfish… (Are you salivating simply envisioning it?!)

This little eatery truly is a concealed jewel, concealed down a side road where just genuine seafood significant others will discover it.

P’Aor is the place local people hang out so don’t expect a deciphered menu that comes in English. Simply arrange what you need from one of the photos and tuck in. Doesn’t make a difference what you pick, it will be scrumptious!

With regards to Tom Yam you know where we’ll be!

PS: If you truly need to treat yourself attempt the Lobster noodles, it’s somewhat more costly however so justified, despite all the trouble we guarantee.

8. Have an everything you-can-eat seafood buffet for 399 Baht (USD $11)! – Mangkorn Seafood

The Mangkorn experience is a race with time as the opponent – a hour and a half to test however much seafood as could be expected, yet don’t be late or you will be charged extra minutes.

What an awesome thought. Visit the smorgasbord and select all your most loved seafood then accumulate round your BBQ, and offer this eating knowledge with your loved ones. (At 399 Baht, it’s certainly justified regardless of your cash!!)

Attempt the entire fish and ensure you stock up on the prawns as well. You can even separate your seafood event with some red meat and vegetables.

To finish everything off, you can appreciate free stream lager and soda pops as well – it sounds like the ideal night.

Mangkorn is the best nourishment and best fun you can have in a hour and a half!

9. Tuck into a boundless devour! – Sea G Seafood Buffet

Do you lean toward amount or quality? All things considered, with Sea G you get both! A boundless devour of flavorful, crisp seafood for only 400 Baht!

Ocean G has a beguiling natural inside with uncovered wooden dividers and a sparkling chrome wrap up.

Cook your own particular fishy devour the hot barbecue in the focal point of your table, and keeping in mind that you are holding up – why not dive into the astounding exhibit of naturally arranged sushi?

We have never observed seafood this enormous, from prawns to shellfishes and mussels and clams… they are all HUGE!

You can’t visit without attempting the mushy scallops. Liquefy your cheddar over the scallop and chomp into a warm, gooey treat (the mushy prawns are similarly as great!).

This eatery is situated close to the college so hope to see a few understudies (who know the Sea G mystery) devouring with you.

It’s greater and better at Sea G!

10. Boundless seafood under a mind blowing stardust roof – Laemgate

It’s an additional hour and a half sustaining furor yet this time it’s an individually encounter. Browse more than 20 heavenly dishes while devouring boundless clams and shrimp from only 555 Baht (Approximately USD $15.5)!

The insides of Laemagate is as astonishing as the seafood. The moving sea (or stardust exhibition) roof show changes the whole eatery. It’s fabulous!

Plates are excessively exhausting for Laemgate, anticipate that your shellfish will be served in little trucks and other peculiar dishes.

The idea is special and accompanies boundless seafood dishes, cooked to arrange in a complex, tasteful setting.

Keep in mind your hour and a half – time flies when you are having a great time!

11. Experience the sea flame broil – A Sea Bar

Test flame broiled seafood at its finest at the casual and casual A Sea Bar eatery.

Take a load off and watch the world pass by while getting a charge out of a stunning seafood platter. Attempt the prickly lobster – who knew there could be such a great amount of flavor in a lobster hook?

A Sea Bar does an incredible seafood and shabu – cook your own meat, soup and seafood over a charcoal flame broil. The mix of flavors is super exceptional.

One of the highlights of this little restaurant are the amicable and mindful staff, they truly make you feel at home.

The seat tables additionally make this eatery awesome for mingling. Bring your companions and have a devour to recall. We give A Sea Bar an A+, it’s magnificent!

12. Must-attempt: Deep seared seabass! – Lam Cha-Reon Seafood

Shopping and seafood, two extraordinary things across the board put!

Enjoy a reprieve from shopping at Siam Paragon and visit the super in vogue Lam Cha-Reon seafood eatery.

This eatery is acclaimed for serving fabulous seafood, and it now has 8 occupied branches and the quality is as yet astonishing.

The menu is huge and you can expect a fiery kick in the vast majority of the dishes.

Lam Cha Reon offers a delectable scope of singed fish, and we particularly adore the pan fried seabass. It’s firm on the outside and soggy and crisp inside – flawlessness!

When you have gone to one branch of Lam Cha Peon you will need to visit them all.