11 Best Seafood Restaurants In Mississippi

Mississippi is situated on the Gulf of Mexico, brags a broadly positioned seafood trail, and has a blasting catfish industry. All of which means a certain something; you can discover astounding seafood in Mississippi. From broadly positioned restaurants and honor winning gourmet specialists to mark manifestations ensured to make your mouth water, these 11 restaurants serve up a portion of the best seafood in the state.

1. Taylor Grocery, Taylor

Drawing in individuals from everywhere throughout the nation, Taylor Grocery has been serving up the “south’s best catfish” since the late-1970s. The place has a tendency to get quite swarmed, so a hold up is likely yet after only one nibble of the eatery’s splendidly seared catfish, you’ll concur it was justified, despite all the trouble.

2. Bozo’s Grocery, Pascagoula

Concealed in the back corner of this Pascagoula market is a lunch counter that offers a portion of the best seafood po’ young men around. Also, it’s not quite recently local people that think so – Bozo’s has been highlighted in a few distributions, including USA Today.

3. Blow Fly Inn, Gulfport

Included on Southern Living’s “Main 10 Southern Seafood Dives,” Blow Fly Inn is arranged on the peaceful Bayou Bernard, which implies the eatery’s scrumptious passage is joined by astonishing perspectives. The She-Crab Bisque and blend fricasseed shrimp and clam po’ kid are among the eatery’s top dealers.

4. Sal and Phil’s Seafood and Lounge, Ridgeland

As of late named the “Best Seafood Restaurant” in the Jackson range, Sal and Phil’s broad menu incorporates everything from po’ young men and crab cakes to crab meat stuffed jalapenos and broiled crayfish tails.

5. The Crown, Indianola

Named “new southern cooking,” the nourishment at The Crown may not be what you’re utilized to, but rather any eatery with the maxim, “Eat like a lord,” must be great. Since opening in 1976, The Crown has culminated various seafood dishes, including the prominent Catfish Allison. The dish is set up by fixing a filet with a cream sauce.

6. City Grocery, Oxford

Oxford’s City Grocery has picked up a notoriety for awesome seafood and amazing culinary manifestations, which most likely has something to do with the way that the eatery’s gourmet expert has won both the James Beard Award and the Great American Seafood Cook-Off. Among the menu’s seafood alternatives you’ll discover works of art, similar to catfish and scallops, and in addition novel creations, similar to crayfish beignets. Also, in the event that you completely can’t choose what to arrange, run with the eatery’s mark dish – shrimp and corn meal.

7. Stout Shoals Fish Camp, Chunky

Situated on the Chunky River, lovely perspectives and delectable seafood are splendidly entwined at this nearby top pick. The family-claimed eatery serves up astonishing seafood with sides to coordinate. Among the seared, flame broiled, and darkened seafood alternatives that fill the menu you’ll locate Chunky’s “popular” hushpuppies.

8. Juju and Crista’s Shrimpboat Café, Corinth

This little Corinth eatery may not look like much on the outside but rather inside you’ll discover a portion of the best seafood in the state. From po’ young men and platters to gumbo and etouffee, the menu has pretty much anything you can consider – even gator, which, as per client surveys, shouldn’t be missed.

9. Mack’s Fish Camp, Hattiesburg

In case you’re hoping to get your fill of extraordinary seafood, you’ll need to make a beeline for Mack’s. The eatery has a 45′ long seafood buffet! Surprisingly better, Mack’s is situated on the Bouie River, which implies each feast is presented with an extraordinary view.

10. Jerry’s Catfish House, Florence

Housed in a monster white igloo, Jerry’s may not resemble your standard eatery, and that is on account of it’s definitely not. The neighborhood most loved serves up whatever you-can-eat catfish that has been alluded to as “the best in the state.”

11. Mary Mahoney’s, Biloxi

Housed in one of the nation’s most seasoned homes, an outing to Mary Mahoney’s really a one of a kind affair; one that your taste buds will appreciate. The menu is brimming with neighborhood top picks, as broiled green tomatoes finished with crab meat, and a huge amount of mark seafood manifestations, for example, Half Lobster Georgo – a lobster tail finished with a rich cream sauce produced using Parmesan, lobster and shrimp.